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Global Magnitsky Act

The Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act authorizes the president to block or revoke the visas of certain “foreign persons” (both individuals and entities) or to impose property sanctions on them.

The Cambodia Democracy Act

Applies asset blocking sanctions to senior officials of the Government, military, or security forces of Cambodia that the President determines have undermined democracy in Cambodia or committed related human rights violations

Cambodia Accountability and Return on Investment Act of 2019

No funds authorized for assistance to Cambodia may be made available unless the Department of State certifies to Congress that Cambodia has taken certain actions, including (1) strengthening regional security and stability, in particular in relation to the South China Sea and by enforcing sanctions against North Korea; (2) protecting its sovereignty from interference from China; and (3) respecting constitutionally protected rights and releasing political prisoners.

Our Volunteers

Hong Lim

Advisor, Former Member of Parliamentary in Australia

Men Nath

Chairman of
Board of Director

Kim Sok

Vice Chairman of Board of Director

Vibol Touch

Executive President

Seng Eab

Vice President 

Bophia So

Public Relations, USA

Cambodia Democracy Council

We are an umbrella for activist groups who share our values and principles in advocating for freedom, justice, and democracy to Cambodia.

Cambodia Democracy Council


2402 24th St SE
Washington, DC, 20020, US

About us

We are a group of Cambodian activists who advocate for justice and democracy in Cambodia with main objective: 1- To increase knowledge and understanding of citizens, especially women and youth on democratic governance, and check and balance system, and 2- To empower citizens to take actions to demand for check and balances through their elected officials and representatives.

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